Drug Withdrawls

Another similar study found that Industrial Hemp Extract may be a promising substance for people who suffer from drug abuse. Researchers noted that the use of Industrial Hemp Extract may…

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Many people suffering from depression end up suffering from substance abuse. Opioid addictions are extremely prominent in the world today. A better alternative to prescription pills when dealing with various forms…

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Industrial Hemp Extract is being used in the fight against cancer. It is an excellent way to help relieve the body of pain inadvertently caused by most cancer treatments. The…

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Patients with an anxiety disorder are advised to avoid cannabis and marijuana, as THC can increase anxiety, panic or nervousness in some people. However, a new study proposes that cannabidiol,…

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Inflammation and overworked sebaceous glands cause acne. Industrial Hemp Extract is a natural anti-inflammatory and may work with your skin to lower the production of sebum that leads to acne.…

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